"Music is a way to express emotions and generate them in the listener; to connect with the human essence and to transformate society.
Music is ephemeral, but generates effects that keep in time. I believe in improvisation as a direct mean of musical transmission: I play what I feel and the listener perceives it by adapting it to his personal situation." - Daniel Ferruz

Daniel Ferruz (Zaragoza, Spain, 1992) is a pianist, composer and arranger who has lived in Barcelona since 2014. He has been educating classical music since he was 7 years old in Zaragoza and, starting at age 28, discovers jazz world, which leads him to be trained in Barcelona and Groningen (Netherlands), with top level pianists, such as Albert Bover, Roger Mas, Marco Mezquida, Jasper Soffers and Rob van Bavel. In addition, he has complemented his training with masterclasses by Fred Hersch, Ethan Iverson, Mike Kanan, Kevin Hays, David Berkman and Guillermo Klein, among others.

He has performed at various locations in the Iberian Peninsula and in the Netherlands. He is a stable member of Andreu Domènech Quintet, Ariana Lorén & Daniel Ferruz duo, Conversations (w/ Alberto Enguita), and Drop Collective (Jamaican jazz, Album "Stormin'", 2018), where is also the main arranger.

He has shared the stage with musicians such as Conrad Herwig, Deborah Brown, RJ Miller, David Mengual, Joan Mas, Adrià Claramunt, Daniel Juárez, Milena Casado, Javier Callén, Pere Antoni Bujosa, Joan Codina, Joan Mar Sauqué, Fran Gazol and Alonso Martínez, among others.